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On a budget? Gravel is a steal compared to pavement, and it’s simple to install. Turn to Mercury Mulch for reliable gravel delivery around Hampton, VA, and outlying areas. Shop now for gravel or contact us at (757) 219-2033 to speak with our friendly staff.

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Durable Gravel & Stone

When well-maintained, gravel and stone installations can last for the rest of your life. Since stone is heavy, it doesn’t wash away with rain. Gravel will also look great years after concrete would have started to crack if you take care of your gravel paths and driveway.

  • #21a Crush n Run (1/2” stone): Crush n Run is useful for driveways, walkways, as a paver base, and many other projects. If you want a firm, compacted driveway, Crush n Run is your best option. Under heavy rains, Crush n Run may develop a slight paste if you drive on it. But it compacts easily and hardens in the sun, almost like concrete.
  • #57 stone (3/4” stone): A gravel-like crushed stone, #57 stone allows the rain to wash through it and stays clean. As one of the most versatile crushed stones, it is practical for driveways, drainage control, walkways, RV pads, and more. If the possible “paste” of Crush n Run would annoy you or loved ones, you’ll probably prefer the #57 stone. It will be compact but not as much as Crush n Run.
  • #8 stone (3/8” and smaller stone): Also known as clean crushed stone, #8 stone is crushed from larger stones and then thoroughly washed. It’s often used as a subbase for patios and paved sidewalks, but it’s also a nice stone for a walkway or driveway all by itself. The stone is small enough that you don’t kick a lot of it when walking, and it’s stable for your feet. (We love walkway solutions that won’t result in a turned ankle.) It’s also useful as a stone mulch around trees.

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Mercury Mulch specializes in speedy gravel delivery, as well as delivering topsoil and fill sand, mulch, compost, and decorative stone. Shop now or contact us at (757) 219-2033 today. We serve Hampton, VA, and outlying areas like Newport News, Poquoson, York County, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Isle of Wight. For more information, please see our FAQs and Who We Are.

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