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Life gets stressful, but your landscaping project doesn’t have to be. With bulk delivery from Mercury Mulch, you not only get your supplies in one convenient load, but you also get the freshest mulch, perfectly aged compost, and durable stone materials. Contact our team today at (757) 219-2033 with questions or shop now.

Premium Landscaping Supplies for Sale

If you’re looking for mulches that are as beautiful as they are effective, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in fresh mulches that look great all season, and our hardwood-dyed mulches stay vibrant for up to a year. Our bark mulch gives a classic, natural look and is triple-ground for a fine texture.

Rich soil is a great start for healthy plants. Our topsoil promotes good root growth, a bountiful harvest, and deep green foliage. Whether you choose plain topsoil or a topsoil/compost mix, our topsoils are great for landscaping beds, new garden areas, re-seeding your established lawn, or preparing for a new lawn. For extra drainage in your soil, mix in some of our fill sand.

Be kind to your soil, and your soil will be kind to your plants. Compost greatly improves the health of plants and encourages beneficial microbes in the soil. Choose from our selection of composts, depending on whether you want a compost for grass and trees, something to make flowers bloom more plentifully, or a boost for heirloom vegetables to show at the fair.

Whether you’re interested in a low-maintenance driveway, a simple pathway to the front door, or a sturdy foundation for a patio, we have the stone for the task. Call us with questions if you’re not sure which one to use for a project in Chesapeake. We’d love to talk to you. Need truckloads of construction gravel for a contract job? No problem. We’ve got what you need.

Mother Nature makes our landscape rocks, but people clean them and deliver these beauties to your door. We offer a variety of decorative landscape rocks to suit your project and design. No job is too big for us either; we have the stock for your contracting job.

Save more time and energy when you order bulk delivery in Chesapeake. Mercury Mulch offers an array of gardening materials, from mushroom compost to bark mulch to landscape rocks. When you order top quality products from us and detail where we should leave the materials, you can go about your day. We can deliver even if no one is home.

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For quick landscape supply delivery, shop now with Mercury Mulch or contact us at (757) 219-2033. We serve Chesapeake, VA, and nearby cities in Virginia including Newport News, Poquoson, York County, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, and Isle of Wight. For more details, please see our FAQs and Who We Are.

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