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Thank you to all of our customers who have helped us get to this milestone!

Landscaping Material Sales & Delivery

Since 1999, Mercury Mulch has been helping our friends, neighbors, and customers to make their homes beautiful and functional. Whether you are a contractor or an owner working on your home or business, we are happy to help. Shop now or contact us by calling (757) 219-2033. We would love to talk with you. We serve Hampton and the surrounding region.

Premium Landscaping Supplies

At Mercury Mulch, we’re dedicated to bringing you the most sustainable, durable mulch in bulk. We carry mulches in the color that nature gave them as well as premium-dyed mulches that are safe to use on your landscape. As the mulch lies on your flowerbeds, it slowly releases nutrients into your soil. For an added nutritional boost, try one of our topsoil blends.

Take advantage of our topsoil blends, mixed just right for your Virginia soil. We deliver turf soil and topsoil blends customized for different projects. Choose from 25% or 50% compost/soil blend that is specially formulated to give your grass a good start to the season. Don’t forget our proprietary Mercury Mix blend for your vegetable garden and flowers.

Our fill sand is ideal for any general purpose project that needs a compact material. Some uses can include pool construction, drainage needs, and even horseshoe pits!

Save yourself some time and hard work with our compost delivery service. Our composts are a rich dark mixture that have reached the finished stage, making excellent amendments to your soil. Use them for trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and a bumper crop of fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget our topsoil/compost blends to save yourself more time.

Sometimes it seems like construction gravel has endless uses. We carry a selection of gravels that are extremely versatile for practical and beautiful reasons. Backfill against a foundation, cover driveways and pathways, place underneath paving stones, reduce pests and weeds around plants – nothing is out of bounds.

Boost your curb appeal and your home’s value at the same time. Our landscape rocks are made by nature and cleaned by humans, giving your outdoor space a natural beauty. If you’re not sure which of our selections to choose, call us. We will do everything we can to make your project run smoother.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Landscaping Supplies

Customer Reviews

Msesippi UnknownMsesippi Unknown

They were able to perfectly judge how much I was going to need to fill my raised garden bed. I’ve never saved so much money and spent so little. It was great and easy experience, I look forward to using them in the future

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Micah MillerMicah Miller

I can't say enough good about Mercury Mulch. As the owner of a small business, Ryan's material yard has been supporting us so well. He allows my team to make happen what they are best at. Also, the garden center is beautiful and I have stopped by to pickup a few gifts over this Christmas season. Well done by all!

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Susan WhitesideSusan Whiteside

I've only ever shopped here for plants, gifts and fall decor, but every time I go it's a great visit. The customer service is friendly, informative and helpful.

Inside the gifts, trinkets and really cool bird feeder section are quite nice.

We felt the price of most there reasonable and the indoor as well as outdoor areas are well organized and clean.

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Serving Hampton Since 1999

If you have a project to get done that requires bulk material, Mercury Mulch will be speeding your way in no time. Shop now for landscape rocks and other materials or contact us at (757) 219-2033. We serve Hampton, VA, and nearby cities in Virginia including Newport News, Poquoson, York County, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Isle of Wight. For more details, please see our FAQs and Who We Are.