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If you wish you could spend less time weeding and watering your plants, bulk mulch delivery is a simple and affordable solution. We at Mercury Mulch take pride in offering you the best available mulches. Use our mulch calculator to see how much mulch you need for your landscaping in the Hampton area. Shop mulches now or contact us at (757) 219-2033. We’d love to talk to you.

About Our Mulches

We stock a variety of mulches for you to choose from depending on your preferences and how you’re going to use the mulch.

This zero-waste mulch is made entirely of the bark of hardwood trees that were being processed for another use (such as paper and lumber). At the mill, the trees get the bark shorn off them before they’re processed, and the bark gets made into the mulch we offer. This dye-free mulch is triple ground with an elegant fine texture.

Made from red cedar trees, this aromatic mulch has the fresh scent of cedarwood. While it’s beautiful, cedar mulch is also practical. It has all our favorite pest prevention qualities that naturally occur in cedarwood; pest insects like cockroaches, termites, and ants avoid it.

If in doubt as to what color will look best with your landscaping, go with walnut-dyed hardwood mulch. It looks great with everything, and that’s probably why it’s the heavyweight in our mulch sales division. The dark color lasts 9-12 months.

This premium mulch is double-ground and deep-dyed a warm brown color that manages to look natural in your landscape. You may wish to use this color for part of your landscape and then use a red or black mulch as a pop of color in one focal point.

If you prefer modern blacks and grays, you’ll love this mulch. The dark color heats under the sun, so the soil underneath it will warm up faster. This high-quality mulch decomposes slowly, so the color lasts for up to 12 months.

This double-ground mulch is dyed a red color that brightens up your landscape and stays vibrant for up to a year. Our customers particularly like to pair it with brick houses, red buildings, or the natural contrast with green plants.

Our IPEMA-certified playground mulch is specially designed to prevent injury. Even when a playground is heavily used, this mulch doesn’t get compacted. That way when kids fall on it, they are less likely to get hurt.

Fresh Mulch Is Best

Our mulch is different from what you can get at the typical big box store. Bagged mulch tends to be very fine and decomposed into almost dirt. You never know how long mulch has been sitting in a bag; sometimes it sits in a bag for a year or more. The color fades quickly in the sun as well. Our mulch is always fresh, and we get new deliveries regularly. The dye is brand new, and the color stays vibrant for up to a year.

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If you’re looking for a mulch supplier who will deliver to your door, turn to Mercury Mulch. We deliver mulch, topsoil and fill sand, gravel, and decorative stone to beautify your landscape. Shop now or contact us at (757) 219-2033 today. We proudly serve Hampton in the great state of Virginia, as well as Newport News, Poquoson, York County, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Isle of Wight. Want to know more? Check out our FAQs and Who We Are.

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