Create Durable Outdoor Spaces: Fill Sand & Construction Gravel

With over twenty-five years of experience in landscape material delivery, Mercury Mulch is a trusted source for premium landscape materials. Our experienced team understands the critical role of essential materials—like fill sand and construction gravel—in creating resilient and attractive outdoor spaces. Before undertaking any landscape project, it’s necessary to understand the significance of these materials, familiarize yourself with their types, and gain practical tips on their expert use in construction and landscaping endeavors.Standard shovel lodged into leveled fill sand bordering large, leveled stones.

The Importance of Fill Sand and Construction Gravel

Without exception, landscape design projects must begin with a solid foundation. Fill sand and construction gravel offer unparalleled stability, drainage, and support.

Construction Gravel: Types and Applications

When well maintained, gravel and stone installations will stand the test of time. Mercury Mulch offers a variety of construction gravels for delivery. Each variant has unique characteristics and applications.

  1. #21A (½ inch) Stone: Often referred to as Crush N Run, this product is excellent base material for driveways, walkways, pavers, and many other projects. 
  2. #57 (¾ inch) Stone: Overall, this is one of the most versatile crushed stones; this variety is practical for driveways, drainage control, walkways, RV pads, and more. Moreover, this gravel-like crushed stone allows rain to wash through it and stays clean.
  3. #8 (⅜ inch and smaller) Stone: Commonly known as clean crushed stone, this product is a sturdy subbase for patios and sidewalks and an excellent choice for walkways or driveways. Its small size minimizes kicking while walking and provides stability underfoot. Additionally, it’s ideal for use as stone mulch around trees.

Fill Sand Preparation and Application Tips

Fill sand is essential for leveling uneven terrain, backfilling trenches, and creating a solid base for hardscape installations. Mercury Mulch’s skilled team recommends implementing various key guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of fill sand.

  • Proper Compaction: Thoroughly compact fill sand layers to prevent settling and erosion.
  • Effective Drainage: When using fill sand in low-lying areas or around foundations, incorporate drainage solutions, such as perforated pipes or French drains.
  • Slope Management: Grade land to direct water away from structures and towards designated drainage points.
  • Material Quality: Minimize sediment migration and maintain structural integrity with high-quality fill sand.

These fundamental building blocks lay the groundwork for durable, visually appealing outdoor spaces that will withstand the test of time. Mercury Mulch is committed to providing top-tier materials, delivery, and expert guidance. We proudly serve commercial clients and homeowners throughout Hampton, Virginia, and surrounding areas. Contact us today at (757) 219-2033 and discover the difference quality fill sand and construction gravel can make in your next landscape project!