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Tips for Caring for Your Garden

  • Get to know your garden: Find out which direction the sun faces, where your property has shade, and if the soil is alkaline or acidic.
  • Plan your landscape and/or garden: Take the time to map out the areas where you would like to add plants. Choose a plant according to the environment in which it will live. For example, if you’re looking to plant vegetation in full shade, choose a plant that can tolerate low light.
  • Keep plants alive: Understanding when to water is important, as is knowing how much water your plants need. Water the root ball of the plant instead of the leaves. A good soaking with the garden hose is much better than a quick watering.
  • Watch out for pests: While most pests are harmless, there are some that can cause damage to plants and vegetables. Keep an eye out for them. If pests do invade your property, there are both natural and chemical solutions that can eliminate them.
  • Prune your plants: Don’t be afraid to prune bushes, shrubs, and trees. This will improve their growth and help to produce healthy blooms and fruit.
  • Enjoy your hard work: Take time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Consider creating a sitting area with a water feature to soak in the beautiful outdoors.
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